Mis Recuerdos Photo Booth
Toa Baja 00949, Puerto Rico
Boulevard Levittown Toa Baja Toa Baja 00949 PR

Photo Booth para Bodas

Photo Booth Rental for special events like weddings, quinceañeros, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, graduations and any other fun event you can think of. Strike a Pose and enjoy.  We will take your event or party to a whole new level with our fun and entertaining photo booth!  We have the best selection of fabulous props to generate more fun and excitement.  An attendant is available at the photo booth to help your guests and keep the fun going. 

I am sure that you, your friends and family will have a great time and they will have the pictures to prove it, as they are printed instantly.

 Booth Revolution… come join the fun!  Save the date today!

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