Getting legally married in Puerto Rico

Getting legally married in Puerto Rico

Getting legally married in Puerto Rico. If you are planning to get married in Puerto Rico you need to bring from the USA the following :

A. Birth Certificate

Esta publicación pudiera tener enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que podemos recibir comisiones si elige comprar a través de los enlaces incluidos (sin costo adicional para usted).

B. Driver’s License (or passport)

C. Divorce decrees (if previously married)

Getting legally married in Puerto Rico

foto: Ministros de Bodas

It is strongly recommended that the couple brings the required laboratory tests (Syphilis, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea) from the U.S. These tests must be done within 14 days of the wedding ceremony. The tests can done here if the couple arrives a few days prior to the ceremony. Once the original (not copies) lab test results are in the hands of the couple:

1. The couple must pick up the Marriage License (RD-12) from the Demographic Registry Office.

2. The couple must proceed to show a doctor the laboratory  results and have the  doctor sign the Marriage License.

3. The couple must proceed to the Demographic Registry

Office and show the  official:

a. Lab results (Syphilis, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea)

b. Marriage License document (RD-12) already signed by doctor

c. Photo ID  (driver’s license or passport)

d.Government Stamp ($20.00 fee/stamp sold at the main Demographic Regisrty Office in San Juan).

e. Birth certificates

f. Divorce decrees if one or both have been previously divorced.

4 .The Demographic Registry official will show the couple where they must sign  the Marriage License (do not sign it until told by the official).

5. Once the Marriage License is certified, the official will return all documents to the couple with a new document called the Marriage Certificate.

6. The couple must give the Marriage License and the Marriage Certificate to the  wedding officiant to fill out.

7. After the ceremony, the wedding officiant must submit the Marriage License and Marriage Certificate to the Demographic Registry.

8. After the wedding officiant officiates the wedding, he/she will submit Marriage License and Certificate

with Demographic Register Office within 10 days after the wedding ceremony.

9. Couple can pick up Certified Marriage Act (usually 30 days after the ceremony) from the Demographic Registry.  The couple can also request the Marriage Act by mail (make sure you ask about the procedure to request theMarriage Act by mail to the official while at the office).

It is responsibility of the couples to be oriented directly in the Office of most nearby Demographic Registration.

By:  Pablo Aymat

Ministros de Bodas de Puerto Rico

Dirección: Jesús T Piñero #282  San Juan PR  00917
Teléfono: 787.547.1819